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A special woman: Parbati. We met her during a journey to Kathmandu, just before the 2015 earthquake. In the south part of Kathmandu, in the Tripureshwor neighbourhood along the Bagmati river, there are many beautiful courtyards with Hindu temples, but also some of the poorest settlements, real slums built with found materials. Parbati lives in one of the courtyards with Shiva shrines and she keeps it clean. She has a decent accommodation, if compared to the slums. She can speak some English, which she learnt when working for an American family. She is very communicative, so she told us the story of her life. In her heart she has her lost ...

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It's human scale that counts. Inspiring people to donate, volunteer or visit the country, Help Nepal facilitates projects that help Nepal recover from the 2015 earthquakes. Currently the focus is on providing bamboo shelters for homeless families in some villages of the Kathmandu valley.