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"Drones For Good" is where drones and donations meet. It's Paul Borrud's idea for aiding Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes through direct assistance and compelling drone footage that captures people's imagination. His website dronation.com tracks his relief initiatives and generates donations, presently more than $50.000. With his drone "Phyllis" he makes striking pictures that tell compelling stories. "Dronation" is a composite of "donation" and "drone" which explains the name of the project,  Drones For Good, i.e. people using drones for good. Paul Borrud has traveled the world to provide relief and assist in emergency situations. ...

Projects We Support

It's human scale that counts. Inspiring people to donate, volunteer or visit the country, Help Nepal facilitates projects that help Nepal recover from the 2015 earthquakes. Currently the focus is on providing bamboo shelters for homeless families in some villages of the Kathmandu valley.