A special woman: Parbati. We met her during a journey to Kathmandu, just before the 2015 earthquake.

In the south part of Kathmandu, in the Tripureshwor neighbourhood along the Bagmati river, there are many beautiful courtyards with Hindu temples, but also some of the poorest settlements, real slums built with found materials.

Parbati, a little brave woman running a daycare center in a slum neighbourhood of Kathmandu.

Parbati, a little brave woman running a daycare center in a slum neighbourhood of Kathmandu.

Parbati lives in one of the courtyards with Shiva shrines and she keeps it clean. She has a decent accommodation, if compared to the slums. She can speak some English, which she learnt when working for an American family. She is very communicative, so she told us the story of her life.

In her heart she has her lost son (“my big baby”), who would have been 20 now. She loves children, because of her lost baby. So she keeps the children of the nearby slums in a sort of kindergarden, a little room next to the stables and the shrines. For many of the children, she is the one who provides meals and care, together with Tara, another mother.

We sat with them, drinking tea, while Tara was singing and the children dancing. Parbati has asthma, so she let me carry Tara’s daughter to the temple. She shares her time, energies and the little extra money she has with the families of the kids.

A tiny woman, with a deep inner strength.

BEfore The 2015 eArthquakes

Parbati Daycare Center

The children of the daycare centre, unsuspecting of what very shortyly was about to happen. How could they have known? In those very days the 7th Nepal Geological Congress took place in Kathmandu where geoscientists from all over the world debated about when “The Big One” was going to come …

After The eArthquakes

Let’s Help Parbati

Parbati’s daycare center lays in ruins after the earthquake.

Let’s Help Parbati
Let’s Help Parbati

lEt’s Help ParbAti

  • dutch flagWat er nodig is :
  • british flagWhat is needed :

dutch flagWat er nodig is :

  1. zomerkledij voor kinderen tussen 2 en 5 jaar, jongens en meisjes
  2. handdoeken en lakens
  3. kindermedicijnen tegen koorts, aandoeningen van de luchtwegen, insecten (spray of crème tegen muggen)
  4. materiaal voor het tijdelijk onderkomen

Help Nepal heeft de mogelijkheid onderzocht om de goederen op te sturen naar Kathmandu. Dat kost veel te veel geld in verhouding tot de waarde van de zending. We roepen daarom op om een schenking te doen. Een vertrouwenspersoon in Kathmandu zal instaan voor het goede verloop.

british flagWhat is needed :

  1. summer clothes for children 2-5 years, boys and girls
  2. towels and bedsheets
  3. children medicines against fever, respiratory infections, insects (mosquito spray or cream)
  4. materials for the shelter

Help Nepal has inquired to ship the goods. That is far too expensive relative to the value of the shipment. We therefore call to make a donation. A trustworthy contact in Kathmandu will take care of things.


Parbati needs €500 to start up the daycare center again .
Let’s make a difference for those children and families.

Donate Today


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