“Drones For Good” is where drones and donations meet. It’s Paul Borrud‘s idea for aiding Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes through direct assistance and compelling drone footage that captures people’s imagination.

His website dronation.com tracks his relief initiatives and generates donations, presently more than $50.000. With his drone “Phyllis” he makes striking pictures that tell compelling stories. “Dronation” is a composite of “donation” and “drone” which explains the name of the project,  Drones For Good, i.e. people using drones for good.

Paul Borrud

Paul Borrud in the Nepali countryside, not only working hard to bring needed relief but also lifting spirits through amazing pictures and hugs—”Peace Through Music” as the t-shirt says.

Paul Borrud has traveled the world to provide relief and assist in emergency situations. Since he left for Nepal he has raised over $50,000 in dronations and has been putting that money directly and instantly to use. He engages with orphanages in Kathmandu and supports families in Bhaktapur with generators, tents, food and water—as well as hugs and “Peace Through Music” as the t-shirt says. Who would deny this let’s-get-it-done busker a dollar?

Please consider visiting dronation.com and make a donation or sign up to the mailing list. There is also a Dronation facebook page and blog.

Below is an amazing video Paul Borrud made shortly after the Nepali earthquake. It mentions the locations of the images. You may want to watch it in HD and full screen mode. Help Nepal has used that drone footage for editing its video of the Dal Bath Fundraiser.


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