ON giving


“I was married at a very young age. My father was a poor farmer and mother was sick most of the time. Like in most families in my community, daughters were born to be given to someone while sons were to keep. So I never got to play like the other boys. Parents wouldn’t stop making babies as long as they had a son. This was how it has been for generations and no one really questioned it. It was the norm. I have a daughter and I know child marriage is killing childhood especially of girls. Even today, my father-in-law says, ‘She is grown now and we should give her away to someone.’ But she is still very young and since my husband won’t say anything to him, I refuse to give her away until she comes of age. Until when she says she is ready.” (Bamgha 1, Rimuwa, Gulmi)
- via Stories of Nepal


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  • Marc Herman
    9 September 2015 (12:59)

    Respect. But also consider: beginning with the moment she was born, with every new day your beautiful daughter comes of age. The world is to be given to children, not the other way round.

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