This website launched on 4 July 2015 in a spirit of freedom and hope, yet also sobriety, realizing that earthquakes are not the only worry in life.

It is good to remember on a Fourth of July that, in contrast with the United States Declaration of Independence that declares “all” people to be entitled to certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, every day countless people in the world wake up to an invisible enemy above their heads, raining down death and destruction, in most cases for no other reason than that they are born in the wrong place at the wrong time, and more often than not, with the wrong religion.

Last year to the day, in front of our house, we set up the street art project “Under the Shadow of the Drone“, a brain child of London artist James Bridle. The drone outline, a Predator/MQ-1 model, was drawn to actual size and in such a way that it pointed in the direction of GHCQ in Cheltenham and NSA in Fort Meade, symbols par excellence though not exclusively, of legalized lawlessness in our times, invisible enemies above each and everyone’s head on this planet.


Considering all this, and in a genuine spirit of the American Declaration of Independence, the Help Nepal project is framed in a broad context of securing the rights of all people, therefore not just those of Nepal—a resilient people living in a beautiful coun­try where nonetheless shameless government corruption and inertia is as common as monsoon rains—to pursue happiness and enjoy life and liberty.

Helping Nepal recover from the 2015 earthquakes is an important and urgent task. Let’s do it together and in a manner that makes things count on a human scale.

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